Meditation and Relaxation through Vocal Sound

Free 60-minute workshop! Participants experience vocal toning and chant to learn how the sound we create with our own voices, communicates with specific chakras and organs in our bodies to promote healing, relaxation and well-being. The experience encourages us to FREE THE VOICE, to be in the moment, and to feel the inner and outer resonance of the sound surrounding us. Bring mat/pillow

Location: Durham Arts Council, Inc. 120 Morris Street Durham, NC 27701 (Wachovia Dance Studio – upstairs)


About Facilitator:

Shana Adams is currently the Director of Creative Arts in Public & Private Schools and Communities at the Durham Arts Council in Durham, North Carolina. She acquired her Masters in Arts Administration from the University of New Orleans and Bachelors in Music (Voice) from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

With over 18 years of classically and non-classically focused singing, she has passionately facilitated workshops encouraging vocal liberation, healing, and relaxation through vocal meditation. Most recently facilitating “Tones for Your Bones” with Li-Lan Weiss (Qi Gong, Reiki, and Acupuncture therapist), Alex Weiss (Multi-instrumentalist) and “Moving Meditations” at the American Dance Festival Scripps Studios in collaboration with Jude Casseday (musician, sound artist) and Jody Cassell (dance therapist).

Additionally, Shana has appeared with the Greensboro Opera Company, various choirs, and musical groups, and with Sscapes, an improvisational dance and music ensemble.

Shana is founding a nonprofit to offer transformational retreat experiences to individuals and artists.

Shana’s love of music affords her many collaborative opportunities to explore, create, share, inspire, & promote collective healing.


“What an amazing workshop! I was moved to tears by the way our voices sounded together and being able to move my body freely. Shana’s voice soared through the room as we relaxed into meditation”

“You are truly gifted and have an amazing voice! We loved the workshop and some of the people shared with me they have been singing every since Saturday. :-)” – Mrs. Griffin, PTMC

“Shana Adams is masterful. Her voice is mellifluous and powerful. The combination of her talent, intellect and compassion allows her to create music that is unforgettable and timeless. I worked with Shana from January to May 2014. She created a full score for the main choreographic work in my senior distinction project, “A People to Believe In.” The project combined oral history, memory and dance to tell past and present stories of a historically African American neighborhood in Durham, NC. Shana spent hours reviewing the oral histories to blend the musical score with community members’ voices.  She was consistent, diligent and essential to the creation of the project. As an artist, she pushed me to clearly express and execute my vision for the performance. The result of Shana’s hard work was simply brilliance.” – Alexandria Lattimore

“Shana Adams voice is ethereal and mighty. She effortlessly floats from genre to genre. One moment she hits the high note of a spiritual and the next, her vocals grind out classic soul. Shana brings magic with her to a small intimate group and to the stage.” – Kim Arrington, “Getting II Yes”